Most of us think investing money into any insurance company is similar to wasting time and money which gets lost and never returns. But one thing which we tend to forget is that it can prove very useful at the time of fateful events. Thus, here we are going to discuss 5 Best Bike Insurance Companies In 2023 Lyricsbaazaar.Com,  reasons regarding why we need bike insurance and a few things which the insurance taker should keep in mind while taking up for insurance. So keep reading this blog till get an insightful detail regarding bike insurance and different bike insurance companies. 

    5 Best Bike Insurance Companies In 2023 Lyricsbaazaar.Com

    5 Best Bike Insurance Companies In 2023 Lyricsbaazaar.Com, which is also known as two-wheeler insurance policy was launched in 2002 under the Indian Motor Tariff Act. This insurance saves the biker holder from incurring any financial losses at the time of any unknown and unavoidable circumstances. 

    Different Types of 5 Best Bike Insurance Companies In 2023 Lyricsbaazaar.Com

    The bike Insurance has been divided into three major types, and we have discussed them here in order to enlighten you.

    • Comprehensive Insurance: This type of Insurance covers both the losses either it is incurred by the third-party or by the owner of the vehicle. And this insurance can be the best option for the people looking for some extra add on on their insurance policy.
    • Third Party Insurance: The third party imsurance covers the losses which are incurred by any third party. That means it does not cover losses incurred by the owner itself and thus many people take this insurance in order to ride a vehicle on the road, as riding without insurance is punishable. 
    • Own Damage Insurance: As the name indicates, under this kind of insurance the damages which incurred by the self are covered. People who take up this insurance also need to take third party insurance. 

    Points To Notice While taking 5 Best Bike Insurance Companies In 2023 Lyricsbaazaar.Com

    When you go to take insurance it’s not an easy task to choose among these multiple options which stand best for you. So we have mentioned the points here for you to keep in mind when you choose a bike insurance for yourself.

    • Add-ons: There are multiple companies which provide various add-ons to enhance their insurance policy. These add ons can be very useful at the time of claiming your insurance.
    • Terms & Conditions: Staying alert of all the terms and conditions of the company is very useful. As it will save you from any last minute discussion and in case of negligence it may cause financial losses to the insurance holder.
    • Percentage of Claim being Successful: The insurance we take becomes useful only afet some fateful incident thus it is necessary for users to know about the success plan. Being informed from the very beginning will help you to claim the insurance successfully at the time of need. 
    • Any Hidden Clauses: Staying aware of any hidden clauses and provisions becomes very crucial for insurance takers, as it will tell you about the various aspects covered and not covered under your chosen insurance type. 
    • Availability of No Claim Bonus: Multiple companies provide bonuses in case the owner of the vehicle hasn’t claimed even a single insurance during their insurance period. This allows you to get the best benefit from the insurance company. 
    • Settlement process: Any individual must be completely aware of the settlement process to follow the same process at the time of need to experience a seamless procedure. 

    Top 5 Best Bike Insurance Companies In 2023 Lyricsbaazaar.Com

    Finally after telling you about the basic details of bike insurance we have mentioned here the 5 Best Bike Insurance Companies In 2023 Lyricsbaazaar.Com, while highlighting their key benefits. 

    HDFC Ergo Bike Insurance Company

    This is one of the most adorned and asked for insurance by the people, it is a joint venture of HDFC Ltd and Ergo International. Above all it has three different types of insurances along with multiple Add-ons.


    • The premium starts at Rs. 538
    • It has 24*7 customer support
    • Provides 100% claim settlement
    • Has more than 2000 cashless garages

    TATA AIG Bike Insurance

    Tata AIG Bike insurance was launched in 2000 under the collaboration of two companies i.e. Tata Group and American International Group. This company provides affordable vehicle insurance with several benefits which makes it a lucrative option.


    • Customers can make unlimited claim
    • It has paperless process
    • Provides 24*7 Claim Assistance
    • This company’s premium starts at Rs 475

    Royal Sundaram Bike Insurance

    Royal Sundaram Bike Insurance is one the leading bike insurance companies which was founded in 2001. This company offers a basic type of insurance to individuals and has multiple features.


    • The company’s premium starts at Rs. 250
    • It provide 98.60% successful claim settlement
    • It has almost 3300 cashless garages
    • The customer support is available for 24*7

    New India Bike Insurance

    New India Bike Insurance is maintained and owned by the government of India. The company entered into existence in the year 1999 and since then it has been serving its purpose successfully to customers.


    • The company provides all types on Insurance
    • The claim settlement of this company is 92.33% successful
    • It has more than 3000 cashless garages
    • Above all the premium of this company starts at Rs. 108

    Universal Sampo General Insurance

    Universal Sampo General Insurance is a private public venture owned by two national bank Allahabad Bank and Indian Overseas bank. The company was founded in 2007 and since then it has been providing various affordable deals. 


    • The premium starts at Rs. 317
    • The company has 90% Claim settlement
    • It has more than 3500 garage network
    • Provides 24*7 Emergency Assistance. 


    Here we have provided all the necessary details regarding why it is necessary to get yourself bike insurance. And not only this we have also talked about the 5 Best Bike Insurance Companies In 2023 Lyricsbaazaar.Com. Thus you are looking for the complete guide and details on bike insurance then read the above content, and try to reach out to those top companies for your Bike Insurance.