Jnb nivas can be identified as basically a web-based browser or oriented interface based on the origin or the entity of the specific state of Andhra Pradesh relating to the Indian subcontinent. It aids or just helps in reaching multiple services consisting of the inclusion of attendance, verification, the role and the purpose of nutritionists, and various or multiple other details. 

    Jnb Nivas is a popular web-based browser involving the Jnana Bhumi site for the purpose of the interface that supplies for an easy and convenient as well as professional system solely for the sole purpose of hostels and staying accommodations within the particular state and the regions of Andhra Pradesh. 

    Roles :

    There are or contains several exciting roles based on or relating to  nivas which consists of the inclusion of :

    • The primary role of jnb nivas  is basically to supply an easy interface which has a reason  for government undertaking related employees in the particular state based entities of Andhra Pradesh in order to reach multiple services in association along with the means of their workpieces.
    • Another particular role of this platform is that it enhances consumers for the purpose of noticing their cash memos regarding their salaries , also their applications and projects regarding absence and also related or associated to their pension information and detailing. 
    • There are or occurs other employees based on government undertaking and connections to related employees residing in various positioning locations which are on different places in which are very remote or gives the stay in so low locations that it is hard for the purpose of them to access money related information and details without having to take a journey for the purpose of long hours. 


    While the moment we stay for logging in onto the  nivas , you need or will require to follow the below provided steps. 

    • The first step is that you need to browse through their professional or the official web page, namely, or by the means of your web-based browser related or involved and joined system. 
    • The resulting and the answered web page, next, you will need to tap on the alternative and the option of ‘login’ positioned on the right topside corner point of the portal and the interface in your computer. 
    • Next, on the presence of the resultant page you will get or achieve two alternatives namely ‘Student login’ and ‘Staff login’. Next, you need or will have to go through the choosing procedure between the points of the two, accordingly. 
    • If you actually belong to the classification of a learner , next you are required to input or just enter the information linked to your login, basically or notably the username and the password provided or served by the means of the said platform. 


    Throughout the means of this blog, we discussed and threw light over nivas. The site basically or particularly aids and helps you with your daily basic amenities and also updates you regarding all sorts or genres of

    staying accommodations and residential places and also various government-related and associated schemes are also enlisted in here on the zone of this platform.