American model Bess Katramados is well known for being Big Show’s wife, an AEW wrestler and a WWE superstar. Katramados, a model in the business, hailed from New York. She rose to fame after getting married to the Big Show in 2002. The pair occasionally resides in The Big Show’s home in the town of Odessa, which is close to Tampa.

    Bess Katramados and the Big Show Families

    Paul Wight was born in Aiken, South Carolina, on February 8, 1972. Even though she is American, she has Caucasian ancestry. The former model’s horoscope charts indicate that she is a Cancer, and the characteristics of that zodiac are generally reflected in her personality. Bess Katramados went to Illinois Lutheran High School, but she preferred to concentrate on her modelling career. She then got married to Big Show and occasionally goes on tour with him.

    In Aiken, South Carolina, on February 8, 1972, Paul Wight was born. His ‘acromegaly’, an endocrine disorder that causes rapid growth, was present from birth. When the enormous man reached adolescence, he began to sprout chest hair and significantly increased in height. He was a special asset when he joined WCW because of this. He was one of the most intimidating and dangerous individuals in the history of sports wrestling due to his enormous frame.

    Big Show, Bess Katramados’s spouse

    The World’s Largest Athlete appeared to be a gigantic human. He had a 64-inch chest, weighed 383 pounds, and wore size 22 EEEEE shoes. After defeating Hulk Hogan to win the WCW World Championship, he made his debut in 1995. He joined WWE in 1999, dominated the opposition, and amassed an enormous number of titles, including the WWE Championship. A remarkable accomplishment for anyone in the WWE, he has won the WCW World Heavyweight Championship, the WWF/WWE Championship, the WWE World Heavyweight Championship, and the ECW World Heavyweight Championship seven times. In 2021, Big Show signed a long-term contract and joined Tony Khan’s organisation, AEW.

    Big Show children

    In 1997, The Giant wed Melissa Ann Piavis. Cierra Wight is the name of the daughter he had with her. Since being married, Show and Bess have had two girls and a son.

    Bess Katramados’s Career, Work, and Wealth

    In 2022, she will have a $3 million net worth. She makes the most of her money as a model. Throughout her career, she actively promoted numerous apparel brands.

    Social Media of  Bess Katramados’s 

    She doesn’t have any social media accounts.