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The Most Useful Url Shortener-Https://

With advancement in technology, we come across so many things which we are not aware of and we want to know. New products and services are being launched every now and then and people have got a variety of options to choose from. One such term or acronym which is being widely used is, but what is this and why are people talking about this. Don’t worry, in this blog we have got all the details covered for you. 

What is

In this era of social media influencers and digital creators the number of people using social media networks like facebook, instagram and twitter is increasing with every passing day. Another one of the most widely used networks is Youtube. It has always been our go to place to know about anything and everything. has already taken over the world and is being widely used. It is a URL shortener which is used to share videos with anyone without using the entire link. We all know that some youtube video links are too lengthy. Copying such links and then sharing it with someone is tiring. So here comes to our rescue. 

We all spend too much time scrolling through youtube and watching videos. It won’t be wrong to say that this is the new age addiction and that too for people of all age groups. While watching videos, several times we come across many such videos which we want to share with our friends and family. So instead of sending lengthy links, it would be more appropriate to use this URL shortener to shorten the link before sharing it with anyone.

Working of

We all know that after Google, youtube is the 2nd most used site. Many people prefer youtube as it is easy to use and there is no limit to the amount of content one can access. Also it is feasible to use for people of all generations. In fact youtube has also launched youtube kids, which caters content which are suitable for kids and this way parents also won’t have to worry about what their kids are watching. 

If we talk about the current stats, then youtube is already available in around 60 countries across the world, that too in many different languages, which makes it convenient for people to use from different parts of the world. 

If you have been looking for a quick way to share youtube links, then you must definitely use All you have to do is that when you come across a video which you want to share, then first copy the url and paste it on the website. It will generate a shortened URL.

After the URL is generated you can share this short URL with your friends and family. While sharing the link in this way, you just have to keep in mind one small thing. The URL which will be generated and shared by you, takes the users directly to the youtube video and that too on a single tap. So if you’re sharing something private or sensitive, then it would be more appropriate to share it privately. 

Are there any issues with

Few users have reported some common issues which they face while using Let’s see some of the most common ones –

  1. Sometimes, the side does not load properly or takes too much time. If you are also facing such an issue what you can do is refresh the site or reload the page. Another thing which you can do is clearing your cache. If you still face the same issue, you can try a different browser.
  1. Another issue which has been reported by some users is that when people watch videos with the shortened link, the video quality seems to deteriorate. The pixels are not clear and sometimes it’s not worth watching. Though this can occasionally happen due to your internet speed as well. In this case, you can close all other tabs on your phone which are consuming your data. 
  1. Another concern raised by users is that there are times when they are not able to log in or their account is blocked. In the case of an account getting blocked, it could be because you might have entered the wrong password too many times. If this is not the case and you are still facing the same issue, then you can seek help from the customer support. 


To sum this up, we just want to say that the site is really a helpful tool. Many influencers, actors and content creators sometimes want to share the URL of their movie’s trailer or newly uploaded song or video. In such cases is going to be very useful, because adding too lengthy links on your social media profile won’t look attractive at all. Also while using such websites, you must definitely not make any compromises with security. If you are facing any such issues, then immediately restrain from using any such sites.

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