Lana rose is a famous music artist of this generation, she has huge fan following on social media. Mostly she famous as a YouTube influencer and also have good fan following through Facebook page, So much popularity of Lana in world wide because of her gorgeous body, makeup, Lifestyle, music and Supercar blogs on her YouTube channel. Recently Lana Rose cross over 1.4 million subscribers on her YouTube channel and got a 1.3 million followers on Instagram account.

    Lana Rose Biography

    The original name of Lana is Persia Beiraghdary and Lana is her nickname. Lana born on 21st September 1989, and Lana rose current age is 33 year. The hometown of this famous social media celebrity is Dubai United Arab Emirates. Lana always love music so obviously she will choose Music as her career. Being a Muslim religious women she do not follow any kind of stereotype and always love to express herself. Lana complete her school and college from Dubai and continue her career as a social media influencer.

    Lana Rose Physical appearance

    Lana Rose age, Weight, Height

    Lana is very attractive not only by her face also her physical appearance. Lana rose height is 5 feet 6 inch tall or 1.6m or 167cm, decide make her more attractive as she is taller than the average woman of United Arab Emirates. Her black silky straight hair is another attraction for her fans but recently she dyed her hair in Brown.

    lana maintain her Perfect figure with 65 kg weight. This proper weight complements are height and body measurements. Not only the perfect height also has good body measurement. Her finger measurement is 34-30-36.

    No doubt to maintain these body measurement she has to spend lots of time in gym. She has shoe size of 8 as she is very tall that is why she need big size of shoe. Abhi size of attractive physical measurement and height she also has very pretty face and with brown eye colour she looks very mesmerizing.

    Lana Rose’s Family

    Lana is a family person I love to leave with her family. Her parents are Nadereh Samimi and Esmail Beiraghdary. Lana has special Bond with her brother Mohammed Beiraghdary. Both of them when to London for their studies but in London Mohammad established his career. After complete had study Lana and her brother came back to Dubai to start a new life. Both Lana and her brother are popular as YouTube bloggers now. Lana always share her lovely blogs with her family on her YouTube channel. These videos are the proof that she always love to enjoy quality times with her family member.

    Lana’s Professional Career

    Lana is popular internet sensation and global social media personality. In the year 2013 she started her career as YouTube blogger. She first created her channel on her nickname Lana Rose. Gradually she started providing professional makeup tutorial on her Instagram handle as well as YouTube channel. She also became a professional makeup artist. She also start to post different blogs of about her lifestyle and her supercars which become very popular on social media. Lana now busy with her career and always try to do best in her own way.

    Lana’s Relationship Status

    On age of 33 years Lana is still single and happy. There is no kind of gossip or any information about the relationship status of this famous social media person. She is very happy with her single life and always busy with her makeup tutorials and music career. Lana has her Full focus for the career rather than any kind of relationship. Hopefully soon in future will meet with her dream person to start a happy mingle life.

    Lana Rose’s Social media Popularity

    Lana is mostly social media celebrity and her followers are global. Because of her Lifestyle blog and makeup tutorial she got over 1.2 million followers on her Instagram account. YouTube channel is also very crowded with 1.3 million subscribers. Not only common fan following, she also have many celebrities like Karim Benzema, Logan Paul, Mona Monica Kattan, Huda Kattan, KSI as her celebrity followers.

    Most of the time the celebrity love to react on her post over Instagram or YouTube. Her many all videos crossed 1 million views specially the swimming tutorial, beach day, Indian makeover style and Lamborghini driving. Besides YouTube blogging she also loves to do painting. She loves to spend her free time with the work and she posts those are art work on her Twitter profile.

    On 2018 she launched her first official music video name Lana you changed on her personal YouTube channel. After the two months of our first music video she launch another music video known as Lana feel so well. These two music videos when the viral on social media and she got huge appreciation by her fan.

    Lana Rose Net worth

    As social media celebrity she got huge earning. Lana rose net worth is Approximately 4 million US dollar, she earn this through her YouTube videos and Instagram blogs. Lana is capable to carry a luxurious Lifestyle from her own income. Not only lovely house she also has several cars because she loves and has hobbies to collect different cars. On 2014 keyboard her first Lamborghini Huracan which cost more than 250000 dollar approximately.


    What is original name of Lana?

    The original name of Lana is Parsia Beiraghdary.

    What is the born place of Lana?

    Lana born in United Arab Emirates Dubai.

    What is the current age of Lana?

    Lana is 33 years old as she born on 1989.

    What are the best hobbies of Lana?

    Makeup tutorial and painting is her best hobbies.

    What are the favourite colour of Lana?

    Black, pink and purple at the favourite colour of Lana.

    Is Lana nickname of her?

    Yah Lana is her nickname and she famously known by her nickname.

    How many followers Lana has on her Instagram account?

    Around 1.3 million followers she has on her Instagram account.

    What kind of blogs Lana posted on her Instagram and YouTube channel?

    Mostly makeup tutorial and Lifestyle blogs she loves to post on Instagram and YouTube channel. She sometimes also posts music videos.

    From which country Lana completed education?

    Lana born in Dubai but she went to London to complete her education. After that she came back to Dubai and started at career as Instagram influencer.

    What kind of car Lana has in her garage?

    Most expensive Lamborghini editions are present in the garage of Lana. She always love to collect expensive cars and after having a huge success as social media celebrity she bought several Lamborghini.

    What is net worth of Lana?

    Approximately 250000 United State dollar is net worth of Lana. Mostly from her blogs on YouTube and Instagram she get lots of money. Not only that from her painting she also get monitory support to carry a luxurious life.

    Who are the celebrity follower of Lana?

    Karim Benzema and Logan Paul are the celebrity follower of Lana.

    What are the February destination of Lana?

    Lana loves to travel and her favourite destination is London and Dubai.

    Who are the favourite youtuber of Lana?

    Logan Paul and Huda Kattan the favourite youtuber of Lana. She always love to take inspiration from these social media celebrates.

    What is the high colour of Lana?

    The eye colour of Lana is brown and perfectly match with her skin colour.