With more than a billion members now, Instagram is among the most widely used social networks. Not all Instagram content, meanwhile, is available to the general public. Users have the option to make their accounts private, granting followers with permission only access.

    Pixwox and other Instagram viewer websites are helpful in this situation. You may access private Instagram profiles, images, videos, stories, and more on this third-party website without logging in.

    How does Pixwox operate and what is it?

    You can browse anonymously private profiles, posts, and stories with this web-based Instagram viewer. It displays data that has been retrieved from Instagram servers. If you want to utilise it, type in the desired username and select “View Profile.” You can view their profile image, bio, number of followers, number of posts, etc. To access captions, comments, and full-size images/videos for any post, click it. Only the profile picture and the bare minimum of information are accessible for private accounts.

    There is no registration needed. As social media trends are being followed today, you can browse Instagram anonymously without leaving any digital traces using Private Instagram viewer Pixwox. It functions as a mechanism for secret access to private content on Instagram.

    Pixwox Usage Guidelines

    The usage is simple.

    • Visit pixwox.com now.
    • Enter the account’s username to view the account.
    • To see their profile section, choose “View Profile”.
    • To view any post’s thumbnail in full size and with details, click it.
    • Only the most basic profile information is displayed for private accounts.
    • Use the stories bar to see tales privately.
    • To find relevant public posts, search hashtags.

    You are done! It does not require registration to use. Any Instagram account may be searched for and seen for free incognito without leaving a trace.

    Major Advantages of Using Pixwox

    The key advantages are as follows:

    • View personal profiles covertly.
    • Browse without creating an account in privacy.
    • access forbidden materials.
    • Doesn’t require an app and works on all browsers.
    • free to use at all.

    Deleting your account from Pixwox

    If you don’t want to have a Pixwox account, try this:

    • A private profile prevents Pixwox from accessing postings and information.
    • Visit www.pixwox.com/remove for more information.
    • Report to Pixwox and submit a request for account deletion to remove it permanently.

    Is it Safe to Use Pixwox?

    It does not request any personal information or login information. It doesn’t track or log activity and encrypts traffic through HTTPS. However, there are inherent privacy and security dangers, just like with any third-party viewer. Avoiding accounts from strangers or those without approval is the best course of action. Additionally, be wary of dubious links.

    Overall, when safeguards are taken, it is safe to use properly. It only displays open data that is accessible to all users.

    Pixwox: Is it anonymous?

    Yes, you may read public Instagram profiles, posts, and stories without leaving any traces on Instagram, and this ensures your anonymity. It implies that the individuals whose posts or stories you are viewing won’t receive notification that you have done so.


    Using an anonymous Instagram viewer to view profiles, posts, and stories is convenient. It doesn’t log your activities, is free, and is simple to use. However, it is important to take discretion when accessing private content without authorization. Overall, it offers unauthorised people covert access to Instagram.

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