In this tech-driven era, we all are surrounded by multiple media that dominate our lives. Around this surge, people have started to demand a seamless as well as high-quality video-sharing and downloading platform. Therefore, recognizing the need of the hour many websites have taken a step ahead to work in this direction. Among all these vast sets of options available today we are going to talk about DoodStream. So, if you wish to know about this platform in complete detail, to access the same easily, then keep following this article till the very end. 

    An Overview of DoodStream

    DoodStream is a fantastic new-age platform that has become users’ top choice for downloading, streaming, or watching any popular videos. The platform has become a vanguard of cutting-edge innovative tech solution that has a revolutionary HLS technology. With the effective use of the HLS i.e. HHTP Live Streaming, the website can provide an unparalleled streaming experience. Unlike any other similar service provider, the platform provides video sharing and downloading without any buffering and caching.  Apart from all these, one of the standing features of this platform is that it has a strong encoding process, which guarantees a swift transition ranging from upload to playback, thereby elevating the experience of the users. 

    Features of DoodStream

    At DoodStream users get a wide range of impressive features, which adds up to enhancing the user experience. Mentioned here are some of the top features that provide users with an enhanced experience. 

    HLS Streaming: HHTP Live Streaming which is often abbreviated as HLS, features of the platform is meant to provide a seamless experience to the users. With these unique features, users will be able to download not only high-quality video but they will also through the process without facing any buffering. 

    Faster Encoding: DoodStream also has a faster encoding process, with the help of which users get a smooth transition from upload to playback. You just have to visit the official website and go through the process to get your hands on this feature.

    Subtitle Support: Unlike any other platform that asks you to add up your subtitles, if you wish to provide the same. But when you use this platform to share any video, you get auto-generated subtitles for your video.

    Steps to SignUp at DoodStream

    If you wish to enjoy the features of DoodStream, then you need to complete the SignUp process. For the same, you can follow up on these listed steps to go through the process free from any hindrance. 

    • The foremost step is to open any of your preferred “Browser” on a device of your choice. 
    • Upon opening the “Browser,” you need to utilize the search bar and enter DoodStream.
    • As you enter the official website of the platform, you need to click on the “Sign Up” button present in the bottom left corner. 
    • On the prompted new page you will have to add your email address, mobile number, and password. 
    • After filling in all the asked credentials you must not forget to cross-verify the same, before hitting the “SignUp” button. 

    DoodStream Login Process

    To access DoodStream in a seamless way, users are required to enter their registered credentials to enter or activate their account. It is only after the completion of the logging process that the users will be able to access all the features and services of the platform.

    • Firstly, the registered users need to open any “Browser” of their choice. 
    • Now with the help of the browse’s address bar, they need to navigate the official website. 
    • From the appearing SERPs, you are supposed to tap on the result that appears official to you. 
    • As you encounter the homepage of the DoodStream, you need to tap on the “Login” option from the left corner. 
    • Moving forward you will be provided with the input boxes, where you are required to enter your Username or email ID and Password. 
    • Lastly, after you have entered all those asked credentials, you must press the “Login” button to complete the DoodStream Login process. 

    Pricing Structure of DoodStream

    Unlike any other platform that has a high amount of subscription plans, at DoodStream you will get affordable plans. By selecting the plans you will get access to unique features with each one. 

    Basic $7.99 MonthlySilver $37.99 Half Yearly Gold $77.99 Yearly
    Upload Up to 20 GB per file
    Custom Player Color
    Maximum Speed
    Higher Remote Upload Limit
    Priority Support
    Priority Upload 

    How To Earn Money By DoodStream Downloader?

    This is one of the most unique features provided by DoodStream, which allows users to earn money by simply sharing videos with the help of this platform. Thus, to provide you a complete overview of the same we have enlisted some of the steps here. 

    • After you have entered the official website of DoodStream, with the help of any of your browsers. 
    • You would now need to log in to your newly created account and surf through the website and its offerings. 
    • On the “Menu Bar,” you will be able to see the Earn Money, option. 
    • Tapping on the same will acquaint you with the process by which you can upload videos. 
    • In the presented section you need to drop any video with a length of almost 1min, from your device. 
    • Once you drag and drop the video, you can set certain settings, with a few more steps, and press the “Share” button. 
    • Finally, after sharing your videos on the platform, when you reach a certain number of views on IPs, you will get $10. 


    DoodStream is an excellent video downloading and sharing platform that utilizes HLS and fast encoding methods. With the help of these technologies, the website is able to provide a seamless experience to its users. It is with effective use, that they make sure to enable the users with a buffer-free and cache-free experience. Apart from this, the platform also makes sure to provide users an opportunity to earn money by simply sharing videos on the same.