Lead acid-based batteries use the electrolytic reaction between lead electrodes and sulfuric acid to produce electricity. However, not all lead acid-based batteries are the same, and 

    China lead acid battery manufacturers have made customizations to improve their efficiency. 

    Features Of A Chinese Lead Acid-Based Power Storage Units

    Several changes can be made to the size, shape and even the material that makes the outer body of the battery improve performance. This blog post discusses all the features of a lead acid-based power storage unit so that potential buyers can make a prudent choice.

    Size And Shape

    Lead acid-based power storage systems can be customized into different shapes and sizes. Chinese lead acid battery manufacturers offer batteries in cylinder-shape, square, rectangular, and pouch-shaped power storage units. Each shape has its own set of advantages. Some are easy to transport, while others have higher energy density (stores more power per unit size). Pouch cells, for instance, have the highest energy density and are mainly used to power vehicles, consumer electronics and energy storage systems (mainly solar energy). 

    The size of a power storage unit is usually proportional to the energy that it can harness. This means that the greater the number of cells in a battery assembly, the greater the power-generating capacity of a battery. 

    Long Shelf Life

    Chinese lead acid-based systems usually last long; once they are charged fully, they can last for almost a year, depending on the storage temperature. Chinese lead-acid batteries often come with special double sealing and high-temperature sealing agents that improve their shelf life further.

    The Outer Body Of Chinese Lead-Based Power Storage Units

    Many China-made lead acid batteries have an outer body (stores the electrolyte) of non-conducting plastic or polypropylene cases. Each of these materials offers distinct advantages. For instance, polypropylene cases make these Chinese lead-acid batteries resistant to shocks, chemicals, and heat. 

    So, the Chinese lead acid batteries can be stored in an environment where the temperatures are naturally high, like in the world’s tropical regions. 

    Definite Operating Temperature

    All lead acid-based power storage systems perform efficiently because the temperature affects the rate of charge and discharge. But the biggest advantage of a Chinese lead acid-based power storage system is that customizations can be made such that the setup can work at minus twenty degrees Celsius and sixty degrees Celsius. 

    Ability To Recover From Deep Discharge 

    In case of deep discharge, Chinese lead acid batteries can be recovered if they have special separators and a carefully balanced electrolyte system.


    Chinese lead acid batteries have several useful features, making them a great power storage choice. They can be customized into different shapes, they can be recovered after a deep discharge, and they can be operated even in extreme temperatures. Apart from this, the ability to customize the outer body and the electrodes further improves the properties of these power storage systems.